Top 10 Live Streaming App for Facebook with Updated Features

During this pandemic, everyone is at their home and now entirely dependent on social media to cheer their life and spend time. People using Facebook daily, holding their institutional and office meetings here, and they’re going live on Facebook, discussing any topic or having fun. Here the top 10 live streaming app or software for Facebook that will take your user experience to a new level. 

To broadcast a chat, performance, Q&A, or virtual event, go live on Facebook. Your live videos will appear in people’s News Feeds if you go live on a Page, in a group, or at an event…

Also, gamers are streaming their gaming performance through Facebook. So the question is, which are the best apps for live streaming on Facebook? 

I researched through a lot of websites, and I found the ten best live streaming apps for Facebook. Let’s dive in without further ado…

Best 10 Live Streaming Apps or Software for Facebook 2021


Streamyard is the newcomer in the streaming ground, but now it is the most popular and fan favorite streaming site. It is also a free site to live streaming on Facebook. But it’ll show its logo on the screen, and you can remove that after paying them.


You can go live through it on different platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn. 

If you’re new at streaming, I suggest you choose streamyard. You can also personalize your screen; your name is interesting to explore. Also, you can get more after paying them, like you can show your logo and screen. 

Streamyard is offering you three types of packages Free, Basic and professional. Basic package is 20$ per month and Professional is 39$ per month. 

Everything has its pros and cons so do Streamyard. Besides all these good things, it has only one con which is a limited feature. Overall it’s a good package for a new streamer to choose Streamyard.

2.Blue Jeans

BlueJeans is one of the best live streaming app for Facebook that offers you to stream your meeting or event on a large scale. It is a multi-party video streaming platform. So, if you’re holding a big meeting or an event, you should need a good streaming site which Blue Jeans offers you.


To stream through BlueJeans, you have to log in with your Facebook profile, and then you can stream on Facebook from your account. It also has a Green Room feature, where you can connect with your guests and be prepared for the meeting.

If you’re looking for a streaming website where you can hold your meeting daily, Blue Jeans would be the first choice for you. Blue Jeans have different types of packages for different kinds of customers based on the participants.

The Bluejeans meeting package starts at $9.99 per month, where you can add 100 participants. Or if you have more than 100 customers, you can also get the other package which starts at $13.99 or $16.66 per month.

Like everything has its pros and cons, it also has its pros and cons. We discussed the pros, so now we have to look to the other side of the coin.

In this app, you can not see the live comments while streaming it on Facebook. Also, the video screen is limited. Besides all these cons, blue jeans are an excellent package to stream on Facebook overall.

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Wirecast is a kind of site where you can stream a high-quality video from your computer or your mobile, or your DSLR. To use Wirecast, you have to connect your guest’s video and audio to forecast.


For that, you have to use video conferencing software like zoom, skype or google hangouts. Then you can connect it to Wirecast.

The unique thing about it is you can edit and enhance your video on the fly by utilizing transitions, text and lower thirds, countdown timers, title screens, scoreboards, audio mixing, etc. Like they would for any live tv broadcast.

You can watch some tutorial videos on youtube, and then you can get these things quickly.

Wirecast is available for a free trial or purchase at a one-time fee starting at 599$ for the lowest option.


During this covid situation, every one of us has known the name of zoom. Recently it is the most used site and app for broadcasting meetings in offices or Institutions. People are holding meetings and events on it.

zoom webinar app

Here you can get a lot of features. If you want to hold an interview, it is an ideal option. Here is a part named Waiting Room, where you can wait for your candidates and take interviews one by one. Students and teachers are using this daily. 

You have to log in through your Gmail id on zoom, and then you can change your picture and display your name on the app, which is very cool. You can stream it on Facebook after then.

The zoom webinar package starts at 690$ per year for 10,0000 attendees if attendees are invited to watch within zoom. There is no limit on how many people watching through Facebook live. Also you can check the latest price.

Nonetheless, Zoom is my personal favorite live streaming app for Facebook. 


It gives you a free account with 20 minutes twice a week for streaming. If you lose your net connection or some disturbance during a meeting, it will keep loaded everything. So you can refresh and don’t lose your session. Here you can bring four people to your broadcast.

When you’re online and streaming, you can view everyone’s comments, and you can also post your comment. Guests can come through mobile or desktop through this on a broadcast. You can also schedule meetings or broadcasts for later. You can also change your video orientation. 

The video quality of this live streaming app is not the best, but overall it’s a good site for streaming on Facebook. 

It has also Free, Standard and Pro packages which starts at $24.99/month

6.Ecamm Live

In this, you can stream live on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch. It is an all in one live streaming production platform. Also, it is shallow coast with an excellent quality video. During streaming, you can change the layer of the names of the guests and also, you can read all comments and react to them. 

ecomm live

Before starting a stream, you can use countdown timers. You can also play the ore recorded video, which is also unique from any other streaming site.

You can also stream through your DSLR camera. You can host up to 5 guests via Skype and record Skype calls. You can get this for one time 134.4$ for standard package and a 14 day free trial.

The only cons of this is it’s only for Mac users and requires some tech know-how.


StageTen is a kind of streaming platform for those looking not only for a stream but also to incorporate templated scenes that can easily create and manage. You can manage your screen and use your templates during a stream.

facebook live stage ten app

During your broadcast, you’ll have the chance to switch up your scenes as you please to create a more dynamic experience for your viewers. 

You can start using this free, but a watermark will be added to your live stream unless you get a package. Their consumer options are either 22$ per month or 92$ per month, depending on what options work best for you.

8.Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

After watching some tutorial videos, you will understand how easy to use this one. Developers have created lots of add-ons for OBS to make it do almost anything you need.

obs software

You can stream on multiple platforms at the same time with this, which is a plus point. The other features are similar like you can add overlays, numerous cameras, and other features. 

It allows you to share screencasts, making it an excellent tool for creating demos or presentations for Facebook Live.

The only con about this is OBS is very technical and takes a lot of computing power which the wrong side of this, and also, you have to have a good internet connection of at least 10 Mbps.

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9.Webinar Jam

It is built to create webinars, but you can also stream from it to youtube and Facebook. You can have 1-6 presenters during a stream and 5000+ people to stream.

facebook webinar jam live app

The main con is it is costly, which is about 499$ to 699$ per year.


To stream through this, you don’t need any powerful machine. The most exciting thing about this site is you can update your stream without stopping the stream. It is straightforward to set up and use. 

facebook live reacting app

But you have to have a good connection; otherwise, if it’s buffering, all viewers get upset and drop. Overall it’s straightforward to stream.

It offers different type of packages, Feel free to check it out here

FAQS of Live Streaming App for Facebook

Can I stream free?

Ans: Yes, you can. There are more than a hundred app that’s offering its customer free streaming service. An example; StreamYard. Using this, you will be able to stream free on Facebook. 

Is live streaming apps worth it?

Ans: In this time of pandemic, we can hardly join our classes and attend to any seminar or meeting. Meanwhile, all these streaming app came through our lives and making big things happen. We can conduct hour long conversations with our fellow mates by streaming apps. So, yes. Streaming apps worth it. 

Would it be alright if I purchase a premium package?

Ans: Sure, why not? Using premium things are always better than using it free. But, before purchasing, think it twice. If you’re not a heavy-user, then you might not be purchase a premium account at all. You can do it free, out of any additional charges. 

Can I watch Facebook live without the app?

Even if you don’t have a Facebook account or internet access, Android users will be able to watch Facebook Live. The program, which was previously exclusively available for desktop users, is now available for Android

How do I stream live video on Facebook?

To broadcast your video, go to your Facebook window (which should still be open), click to make sure your video preview is visible in the window, and then click Go Live.

How to use Facebook Live on a phone?

Broadcast to your Page, group, profile or event from anywhere in the world using the Facebook app (available on iOS and Android).

  • Go to the Page, group, or event from which you want to live broadcast
  • At the bottom of the post composer, tap the Live button
  • Your video should include a description. You may also add an emotion or activity, tag friends, and check in to a location
  • Start the live video by pressing the Start button
  • When you’re ready to stop your broadcast, tap Finish

Who are the Facebook official live streaming partners?

You can connect with Facebook Live video developers and broadcast solutions. Here some live streaming partners are listed who are directly connected with Facebook.

  1. Ai Media
  3. Boxcast
  4. Dji
  5. Easylive
  6. Epiphan Webcaster X2
  7. Grabyo
  8. JVC
  9. LiveU Solo
  10. Livestream Studio
  11. Mevo
  12. MimoLive
  13. NewTek
  14. Social News Desk
  15. Stage Ten
  16. Stream Shark
  17. Switcher Studio
  18. Telescope
  19. Teradek Vidiu
  20. VMix
  21. WildMoka
  22. Wirecast
  23. Wowza
  24. Xsplit

Final Words of Live Streaming App for Facebook

We have discussed ten live streaming apps for Facebook that are very helpful and easy to use, but these are just like some drop of water in a large sea. There are many apps or sites to stream on Facebook, all of them has their pros and cons. After using which can create a destructive impact on its customers.

That’s why I checked an umpteenth of websites about streaming apps and sites, and among those thousands of apps or sites there ten are the best to use overall. The packages of these apps are also beneficial for different types of users.

So if you’re thinking of streaming on Facebook, check these apps and grab your package which suits you and explore the streaming world.

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