Welcome to Tech Rider. If you are not an expert at tech then you are at the right place. Giving easy solutions to tech tips is our mission.

We mainly focus on the daily tech users, who are facing problems whenever using these things like Computer, Social Media, Android, etc.

Our journey has been started in 2019 through YouTube Channel. We try to provide legal and authentic information to the users as they can get the best result from us. 

Why this niche

Yes, I am a tech lover, and when I operated computer, android, social media, etc. I felt problems many times and thought that many of us are facing these problems in their daily life. That’s why I am determined to make this type of content.

About ME

about tech rider owner
My name is Sohel Rana ( BSc in Mechanical Engineering ). I was very interested in creating videos, making different types of content on Social media. When I realized It can be a part of my life as a YouTuber and Blogger, I just started My journey to make these things.