Do You Love Video Games? Here’s How to Turn Passion Into Successful Career

The esports industry across the world is currently booming. This is represented in research conducted by Global News Wire which states that the esports market is expected to reach a whopping $9.1 billion by the year 2028, owing to a CAGR of 22.5% between 2022 and 2028. For individuals looking to pursue a career in the video game industry, now is the perfect time to do so! In this article by Tech Rider Tips, we’ll explore the various types of esports jobs to pursue and how to excel at them.

How to Turn Passion Into Successful Career
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How to Turn Passion Into Successful Career: Prominent Careers in the Video Game Industry

In this section, we’ll explore a few of the best career options for you to explore in the video game industry:

  • Game Design: As the name suggests, game designers are responsible for creating all aspects of the game. This includes coming up with ideas for storylines, writing narration, and designing characters and their abilities. Game designers often work in a team setting and require excellent communication, technical, and design skills to excel in their roles. Additionally, with the prominence of mobile gaming, designers need to create games that can easily be adaptable to smaller screens and mobile-grade processors.
  • Video Game Programmer: While game designers focus on the creative side of video games, video game programmers are responsible for adapting those ideas into code and making the game a reality. This involves having a strong understanding of key programming languages such as Java and C++, in addition to popular game engines such as Unreal, Unity, CryEngine, and more.
  • Live Streamer: In recent years, live streaming has become a viable career option for gamers globally. Using platforms such as Twitch and YouTube gaming, you can work towards creating a loyal audience that tunes in to watch you play video games. Developing a large audience (a couple of hundred concurrent daily viewers) will make you eligible to become a ‘partner’ on these platforms. Partners are allowed to monetize their channels through advertisements and accepting sponsorships. Additionally, you can apply to become a content creator for prominent esports organizations such as Faze, Cloud9, and more.
  • Game Tester: Game testers are a vital group in the gaming ecosystem as they undertake the responsibility of testing games during development and highlighting bugs and potential problems before release. . As a tester, your job will be to play through various levels of the game and provide feedback. Video game testers work closely with game designers and programmers to ensure games run smoothly and provide a great customer experience. While the barrier to entry for being a tester is low, having knowledge of programming or game design is seen as a big plus.

Tips Start Your Career in the Video Game Industry

Now that you understand the various types of jobs one can pursue, let’s look at how to make a mark in the industry as a newcomer:

How to Turn Passion Into Successful Career
  • Earn a Degree: For those planning to pursue a career in game design or programming, the first step will be to earn a degree in computer science or game design. As reported by College Consensus, there are various specialized degrees on the market as well. Hence, take some time to review your options and make the right choice in line with your career goals.
  • Find an Internship: Look for programs that include an internship component, as it will provide you an opportunity to gain real-world experience and apply your skills in a professional setting. Performing well at an internship can serve as a great way to get your foot in the door at a gaming studio and kickstart your career.
  • Start a Blog: If your plan is to become a tester or an esports player, creating an online presence is essential. This is because the more people know about you, the higher the chances of your creating a loyal following which can then be monetized to sustain yourself as an individual. Additionally, blogs are a great way to share knowledge about video games and other news related to the video game industry. Once your blog starts attracting a healthy viewership, including advertisements on your pages can also be considered as a supplemental income stream.
  • Join Gaming Communities: Whether it be social media platforms such as Instagram or online forums like Reddit, you’re bound to find numerous video game communities to be a part of. In addition to discussing the trending industry news, these communities can also be a good place to connect with industry professionals, learn about industry opportunities and find resources to improve your skills and knowledge.

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Establish a Video Game Business

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit can also consider starting a video game business. In reality, it is not as difficult as it sounds. Rather than selling your services as an individual, one simply needs to register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and start selling as a business.

The biggest benefit of establishing an LLC is the asset protection that it provides – i.e., your personal assets and finances are protected from all business-related debt and liability. For example, in the unforeseen circumstance that an employer accuses you of data theft, copyright infringement, etc., you won’t need to worry about your home or savings being at risk.

However, as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to invest time towards promotional activities as well to land clients. In addition to creating a blog and joining gaming communities, here are more ways to spread the word about your work:

  • Develop a Social Media Presence: Create accounts on prominent social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to promote your work and channel traffic to your blog and portfolio.
  • Create Business Cards: While email marketing is great, customers and clients receive tons of emails each day, making it easy for your promotional emails to get lost in the crowd easily. Here’s a possible solution – leverage the tried and tested method for making a great first impression on clients – i.e., create a business card. A personalized business card will help to stand out from the competition, allowing you to develop lasting relationships with clients.
How to Turn Passion Into Successful Career

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Conclusion: How to Turn Passion Into Successful Career

Making a career in the video game industry is no easy feat, but it is achievable! The industry provides newcomers a host of opportunities to choose from, such as being a programmer, tester, or live streamer! Additionally, one can always create their own path and become an entrepreneur.

If you do, don’t forget to leverage the power of networking and sharing your business cards with prospective clients to make a lasting impression.

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