What is the Microsoft Publisher?

You may ask What is the Microsoft Publisher? Again, Have you ever used any kind of Office software on your computer? An example; Microsoft Word for writing your academic assignment or Microsoft Excel for creating a minimal spreadsheet?

If you answer both questions with “yes”, I want to introduce another Microsoft software. Which is nothing but “Microsoft Publisher”. 

Now, why Microsoft Publisher is being used? It has released in late 1991 and still on top of the choice list.

This article will discuss various pros of Microsoft Publisher and show you why it’s effective and why you should use it today if you haven’t used it yet. 

What is Microsoft Publisher?

What is the Microsoft Publisher

A big question might appear in your mind that “what is the Microsoft Publisher?” If we state solely, it’s the heavyweight version of Microsoft Word whether Microsoft Word intended for word processing and Publisher designed for desktop publishing. 

However, it’s much easy to use and can able to create a comprehensive chain of publications.

It can manipulate a text in several ways and provides much more complex words formatting than Microsoft Word. 

Plus, it has ready-to-use templates for the users like every other Microsoft software. It’s cost-effective and allows users to customize their vibrant designs.

If we sum up, This is pretty much worth it. 

Why is Microsoft Publisher being used? 

What is the use of Microsoft Publisher

It is being used for numerous reasons. As Microsoft Word doesn’t allow users to operate desktop processing, people usually use it for processing any volume. 

If we look forward to its pros, we will see some most remarkable feature of it. It’s straightforward to use and cost-saving.

Moreover, it has a drop-down feature that Microsoft Word will not allow you to use.

It has more than 100+ ready-to-use templates by which users can design anything they want. It was predominantly famous and renowned software for designing a newsletter, calendar, greeting cards etc.

The pricing for this is also very affordable. You can quickly get a subscription to Microsoft Publisher by spending 8.25$.

Create polished, professional layouts without the hassle using it

What is the Microsoft Publisher

Precisely layout and style text, pictures, borders, calendars, and more. In Publisher everything you add stays exactly the way you’ve designed it, in print, online, or in an email

Do Office 365 consists of Microsoft Publisher? 

What is the Microsoft Publisher

In short, “yes”. Office 365 comes along with Microsoft Publisher. The entire Office 365 subscription consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher.

As per being an essential constituent of Microsoft Office, Publisher also comes along with the package. 

Point to be noted: You will not be able to use Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Access on any other devices except your PC.

You will also get 1TB OneDrive storage which is including with the Office 365 package. 

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The Pros of Microsoft Publisher

If we jump right into the main topic without wasting time, It is recognized for its templates. It has plenty of incentive templates that users can use for making their designs.

However, inserting new content in it is way much more manageable than Microsoft Word or any other similar Microsoft Office software.

Moreover, you will be able to check spelling and grammatical errors here. It provides various appearances to use, which increases the user experience and captures the user completely. 

While using it, you will get full compatibility with every other Microsoft software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

It will concede user to link up things with one software to another. 

The Cons of Microsoft Publisher

Like every other thing existing in this system, it also has some significant disadvantages. Let’s discuss some of the cons of it. 

When using it, you have to keep this in mind not to add excess photos. Because adding photos in it, document increases the file size drastically. You will have limited control over your file size. 

Though it is perfectly compatible with Microsoft Office software, it isn’t that compatible with Adobe Software. You have to face a lot of trouble working with PDFs. 

Also, the foremost thing is that you will not access Microsoft Publisher from any other devices except your PC, which is not a satisfying characteristic. 

Though, there are a lot of choices on behalf of it. Like Adobe InDesign, Canva, etc. They often provide the best services than Microsoft Publisher.

But it is also worth using. A thing that I would love to recommend to all. 

A similar software- Microsoft Access

There is another software named Microsoft Access. It’s pretty much similar to Microsoft Publisher. This software also allows its users for web publishing. Also, it has some crucial feature similar to Microsoft Publisher. 

microsoft access

The pricing of Microsoft Access is much lower than other software. If you want to subscribe to it, you have to pay only 5.99$. It’s pretty affordable with comparing to the service you are acquiring. 

However, Microsoft Access is a database management system that offers users to manage their data safely and soundly.

It has nothing to do with Microsoft Publisher’s algorithm. We’ve discussed it because there are a lot of similar tasks in this two software. 


Using a Microsoft Office product is mandatory if you’re a student, businessman, designer, or governing in any practical sectors. Then why are you not using Microsoft Publisher? As we discussed above, it has many calming preferences, and it’s very user-friendly. 

Anyone can access it and will be able to get plenty of benefits from it. It’s a multifunctional tool. By using it, anyone can publish their bulk documents to a website and many other sources.  

It also helps to design graphics. Mostly newsletters, calendars and greeting cards. So, you should unquestionably purchase a package of Microsoft Publisher to boost up your working experience. 

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