5 Tips to Become Better at Typing on a Keyboard: 2023 Best Tips

Whether you are a casual computer user or someone who relies on a keyboard for their work, the idea of improving the overall typing efficiency should be a consideration. Let’s see the best 5 tips to become better at typing on a keyboard.

The idea behind such an approach is to boost your overall confidence and become better at what you do. And even if you are on the casual side of the spectrum, typing skills can prove to be useful later on, so the effort is not going to be a waste, regardless.

Having said all that, it can be difficult to find a methodology that works for you. Each of us is different, and it is not just about the task itself but also about finding enough motivation to continue.

If you, say, use a computer often anyway, these skills should come naturally with time. However, if you want to improve here and now, then you need to come up with a strategy that can speed up the process.

The purpose of “Become Better at Typing on a Keyboard” article is to look at some of the basic steps that should push you in the right direction, and you can progress from there.

1st Tip to Become Better at Typing on a Keyboard: Learn Shortcuts

One’s familiarity with keyboard shortcuts is an indicator of how well-versed they are at typing. You can save a lot of time by using key combinations rather than relying on the mouse as much.

Of course, it takes a while to memorize these shortcuts. It is recommended to figure out what commands you are going to use the most often and stick to those at first. For instance, thekeyboard’s em dash shortcut might not be as useful as the copy and paste shortcuts, but you should not disregard it.

Similar to the overall efficiency, your keyboard shortcut knowledge should grow with the progress you make in general.

2nd Tip to Become Better at Typing on a Keyboard : Stick to a Single Layout

QWERTY is the default keyboard layout in most parts of the world, and the odds are that you are using it as well. However, you might hear about other keyboard setups, and the idea of switching to one sounds appealing at first.

However, note that relearning a keyboard layout is going to be an additional obstacle that you are better off avoiding, especially if you are in a hurry.

3rd Tip to Become Better at Typing on a Keyboard : Take Breaks

Overworking yourself is never a good piece of advice, and that applies to other aspects of life, not just when learning a new skill or trying to improve.

As soon as you notice that your posture is not right or that your fingers are hurting, take some time off and do something else.

On a side note, if your fingers are hurting too much even after relatively short typing sessions, then the problem might lie elsewhere. Check your health and consider working out to improve finger strength.

4th Tip to Become Better at Typing on a Keyboard : Play Typing Games

Gamification is a good approach to make dull tasks more interesting. Typing for hours just for the sake of typing gets boring quite fast. To spice things up, you could find a typing game that lets you track your progress and achieve various goals.

Competing against other players is also a worthwhile idea. Even if you are not that competitive, you should feel pretty happy after beating someone at the typing game. 

Also, these games usually have various metrics that show you how well you are doing. From typos to words per minute, getting access to such metrics is another benefit of playing typing games.

5th Tip to Become Better at Typing on a Keyboard : Be Consistent

The last bit of advice is to be consistent. You will not achieve your goals without constant practice. There will be days when you cannot dedicate as much time as you want, and that is understandable. 

Conclusion: Become Better at Typing on a Keyboard

Nevertheless, every little bit helps, and if you can spend as little as a few minutes on a particular day typing on a keyboard, you should still do it because a small amount is still better than nothing.

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