11 Best Android Apps For Earning Money Online in 2022

Do you know that you can earn money through apps while sitting in your own house? Sounds interesting right? But the question is how would you find the trusted app among thousands of apps. Here, I picked up the top 11 best android apps for earning money online.

Definitely, where you’re giving your time, you’ll expect safety and not a fraud.

After doing some extensive research I found some trustable apps which you can trust and earn money very easily.

Here the online app sites are included, if you need the apps then just search on Google Play Store

So ready!…..

Best App For Cashback: Rakuten

Rakuten sounds familiar, right? Yes, you guessed it right. It is one of the best Apps for earning money online. You guys must have seen this name written on FC Barcelona’s jersey.

Rakuten is such a kind of app that gives you rewards for signing up and referral incentives.

Best Android Apps For Earning Money: Rakuten

When you will download the application and start using it, it’ll give you a percentage of cashback when you shop from Rakuten’s eligible retailers which are 2500 plus.

The percentage of cashback usually remains at 1% or 2% but people also earned 10%. Even Rakuten also provides coupons to its users. 

Rakuten was founded in 1997, and it has made more than 1 billion in cash to its customers.

Best Marketplace App: Upwork

if you want to make money through writing, graphic design, and web development, Upwork is the right place you’re looking for.

At first, you have to open an account and tell them in which field you want to work by answering questions.

Best Android Apps For Earning Money: Upwork

There are two types of membership plans, Basic and Plus. The basic plan is free, it’ll help you to get the clients free. It will show your previous works and clients.

But in plus, you’ll get everything which is in basic but also you will get 70 connects per month and many other premium stuff like changing your URL, etc. After doing the work the clients can give your payment via PayPal, direct deposit, or wire transfer.

Best App of Survey: Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is such a kind of app where it enables you to influence brands by sharing your opinion to earn extra money with surveys. If you are looking for the best Apps for earning money online, then they may be suitable for you.

It offers you instantly via gift card or PayPal after completing demographic questions which take 15 minutes or less. For this reason, Survey Junkie wins as the best money-making app for surveys.

survey junkie

If you want to sign up, the process is very simple. You have to answer some questions to create a profile and allowing Survey Junkie to offer you relevant surveys.

Each survey will give you a certain number of points, which you can be exchanged for cash or gift cards. 100 points will earn you 1$. To redeem your cash, at a minimum, you need 500 points or 5$.

Beyond these demographic surveys, this app also offers you to survey browsing data to earn money. Survey Junie is both available on mobile app and browsing extension.

Also, Survey Junkie protects its client’s privacy. It is available on google and ios with a good rating point.

Best App For side hustles: Swagbucks

Swagbuck is a kind of place where you will get paid for online surveys, watching videos, playing games, and searching in the browser. It is based in California. Swagbucks doesn’t pay much for a livelihood but you can earn much for your pocket money.

So if you’re thinking to make this your job, you should leave. Here only you can get much money only for your daily costs. 


If you watch a video or play a game or buy something through Swagbucks it rewards you some points. From those points, you will get money through PayPal or gift cards. After opening an account it’ll give you 5$ for just signing. Sounds cool right?

Swagbucks founded in 2005, since then it has paid out 343,681,259$ in cash and free gift cards. 

Best App For Investors: Acorns

Acorns give a simple passive way to invest money and earn from it. Here you can safely invest your money. Suppose you used 4.50$ from your card, Acorns save the 0.50$ for investing.


Create an account in minutes and start building your own broad portfolio of stocks and bonds. You can start investing with as little as $1.

Best App For Car Owners: Uber

Every one of us must hear of Uber, right? Basically, it’s an app where you can find your taxicab or a vehicle to go somewhere. The car owners can use their cars as an investment. 


It also helps the drivers to find some new job. So if you want to work at night or day you can do this here. It also drives food and some other things to its customers.

So you can earn money from two sides, as an investor also as a user. 

If you have a car or you know driving but you don’t have a car, Uber gives you the chance to drive a car and earn money.

It is successfully running in over 85 countries. So grab your mobile and earn some cash.

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Best App For photographs/ Videographers: Foap

If you’re a good photographer or a good cinematographer and you want to sell your amazing photos and videos, Foap is welcoming you.

It is a pretty big platform for photographers and videographers. You have to open an account here and set up your profile first. Then you have to upload your photo or video there. 


Then you’ll get clients automatically. You can communicate with your clients and talk with them about your photo and payment. You can withdraw after you got 5$. So as a photographer it’s a big chance to earn money. 

But you have to divide the profit 50/50 with Foap. Imagine Foap sells a photo at 10$, you’ll get 5$ and Foap will take 5$.

Also, you can sell a photo more than once, which is a great plus point. So why not? Start exploring.

Best app for fitness freaks: Sweetcoins

Have you ever thought of earning some extra cash while you’re running and losing sweat from your body? Well, Sweetcoins will give you that opportunity.

If you’re a runner or fitness freak, this app is a trump card for you. 


Moreover, it has specially designed for passionate runners. Who usually runs 10,000 steps a day. The app gives its users 9.5 sweetcoin per 10,000 steps.

You can redeem once after having 20,000 sweetcoin in your account. However, sweetcoin is one kind of digital currency like bitcoin. 

Despite being competent in terms of earning money, there are one dreadful con as well. Which is, this app is very slow.

If you walk an average of 10,000 steps per day, you’ll need six years to redeem your first income. That’s pretty much ironic, isn’t it? 

Best app for apparel: Poshmark 

Poshmark is a sort of affiliate app, you can say. But, there’s some difference with the rest of the affiliate programs with this app. 


Firstly, this app deals directly with clients. You don’t have to meet any anonymous person for selling the very product. Poshmark will do that for you. 

Moreover, the app allows its users bank transfer. Which is one of the safest ways of transaction. 

Nonetheless, Poshmark cuts 15-20% revenue from each sale. That’s a bit concerning issue. But, their service totally worth it. 

Best app for trading: OfferUp 

This app is more likely a marketplace for users. Like every other marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr; OfferUp doesn’t trade with digital products. Instead, the apps tend more to physical products. 


OfferUp’s interface is very user-friendly and it provides bank transfers to the user. However, users had to give OfferUp a cut, per sale. The cut is merely 12.5-15% approximately. 

Best app for shopping freaks: ShopKick

If you love shopping, you should try ShopKick at least once. Because, why not? This amazing app provides real money to its users. 

Best app for shopping freaks

ShopKick is apparently a gift-card-based app. You can earn gift cards via shopping and then you will be able to redeem those at your local supermarket, using the same app. 

This app is exquisitely useful for you if you’re a heavy shopper. The most pleasing fact is, Shopkick doesn’t require any service charge like other apps. That is extremely satisfying. 


Is an online earning app worth it?

Ans: Frankly, “yes.” Online earning apps are pretty much worthwhile. Until you’re using the legit app. Many counterfeit apps are surfing out there, on the internet. So, make sure that you’re using a valid app.

How can I detect a scam app?

Ans: There are many signs by which you can identify a fake app. Predominantly, the app might seek some ‘security money’ type amounts from you. Don’t pay them a single penny. If you do, then you’re most likely be getting scammed.

How can I choose the best-earning app for myself?

Ans: I’m pretty sure that I gave you a clear view of earning apps. In case you’re still surfing on the ocean of confusion, I would request you to go through the article once again. Compare each app with your life and find- in which category you belong. After finding out, the rest wouldn’t be that much hard. There’s that.


It’s time for concluding the whole article. We were discussing the best apps through which you can earn money online. If you search on the internet you’ll find a lot of apps including these. But all of them are not safe for investing money.

A lot of apps and their organizations have done fraud before. As a result, people are losing their trust in mobile earning apps. 

However, these selected apps are still running well and their customers are pretty happy. If you really want to make money through mobile apps, I will strongly suggest you these apps to you. 

In today’s world, everyone has a smartphone, the average usage of a smartphone of a common man in daily life is 4 hours. While there is a scope for earning money through your mobile why would you miss the chance?

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