Why are Android Better Than iPhone: Should Know the Things

The endless debate for iPhone vs Android goes on, especially when they are the two names that mostly occupy the market. Both platforms have been in the game for decades; it is no good or bad. Both of them have distinct features, styles, compatibility, and very little either of the two cannot do.

Android Better Than iPhone

Still, each of them has its own sets of advantages. In this article, we will highlight why Android is better than iPhone.

Fit, compatibility, and price

Perhaps, you have used both the iPhone and Android. You would know both the phones have a stunning look to them. Both are big, can take bright pictures, and work well. Comparing their styles, you could say both have a classy look to them. 

Android Better Than iPhone in price

However, if you compare the price margins, Android takes the cake. iPhone only makes luxury phones only after a certain period; the price starts to drop.

The price only drops after a couple of new phones join the market, whereas Android has phones for all price ranges. Be it high range ones like ones from Samsung, Google pixel, or Huawei and Xiaomi.

Voice assistants and Artificial Intelligence

If you compare the voice assistant Siri of iPhone and Google Assistant, you can decide who will be the winner. The answer is Google Assistant. It is more than just a voice assistant; it wins by a mile.

android and iphone voice assistance

If you are busy and need to schedule meetings or if you run late for any meetings, Google Assistant will make your life easy. With the help of this android software, it can remind you that you have a meeting in some time.

It will make an appointment for you beforehand, so you do not worry about it.

Siri may be the first to arrive, but Google Assistant is newer and better. Siri can help you make calls and give you answers from Google, but so can Google Assistant.

Here is another reason why Android is better than iPhone.

Peripheral systems of the two

If you want to connect your device to many gears at the same time, Android is the best for you. Since Android uses USB ports, you can link it with many gadgets.

iPhone is not compatible with other devices except with the same company. If you want to charge your iPhone with an Android USB port, you will not be able to do so.

It is a disadvantage many users face. The smoothness and compatibility of it are why  Android is better than iPhones.

Battery and Charging

This part is quite debatable. Some say the iPhone has a longer-lasting battery, whereas others say Androids. However, it is mostly found that Apple products do not have the superior battery life, which Androids do.

android vs iphone battery

Over time, Apple products’ battery life deteriorates faster. It is the hardware efficiency, which determines the battery life. 

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Android phones are more customizable than iPhones. Both iPhone and Android have progressed over the years. With their style, design, length, etc. 

Android is always known for being the platform for users who like to play around and customize their devices. Android is always known for allowing users to place the apps anywhere, having two home screens, dynamic widgets.

It is something Apple is catching up to now, after launching their IOS 14. 

With an Android, you download for third-party replacements. If you need a keyboard, web browsers, and music to listen to, you can do it. Apple needs Itunes and Apple Music.

Expanding the storage

Android phones still offer you to expand storage. It is pretty uncommon these days to expand storage. The 32Gb or 16 GB Icloud storage runs out before you even know.

android and iphone storage

If you run out of storage on an Android device, you can easily buy SD cards to store them. Android lets you use a microSD card. If you need more storage to keep photos, apps, and other media that are not fitting, you can buy a microSD card.

In this way, you can store all the pictures or music you like. Storage is a big problem nowadays, where mostly IOS users complain. If your storage runs out easily, you can get in trouble.

Like you could not save a few pictures or documents you really needed. You can buy it, however, who would like an extra cost. Here is a reason why Android is better than iPhone.

It is a great benefit given the price Apple charges to double the storage, which costs around 100$ or more to add a few extra GBs to your phone’s storage.

It will cost you that much to add 128GB to your iPhone. Android charges much less for more storage using SD cards.

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Final Thought

Both iPhones and Androids have their advantages and disadvantages. There will be some flaws in one, which the other will excel at.

However, both are extremely good and have been a fan favorite for a long time. Both the phones provide resilience, great performance, long-lasting battery life, and excellent quality camera.

These two companies are top tiers in this marketplace. There are many newcomers, but the majority will choose either of the two.

If you peruse through our article, you may get an idea of why Androids are better than iPhones.


How to extend Android battery percentage?

You can do many things to increase battery time. You can reduce brightness, use apps with lower battery cost, delete unusable apps, etc.

Is Android better than iPhone, or is it the other way around?

Both the phones are brilliant and effective. However, Android has a superior organizing app, customizing screens, hiding useless apps. Whereas Apple is in it now, and android does it before.

Why are Androids better than others?

Androids are better in many things that other phones are not. Android has been in the game for a long time and knows many tactics.

People like the easy-to-use interface and customizable features in Android phones. You also can download songs, movies without any additional charge, unlike the iPhone. 

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