How to Contact Instagram Support: Complete Guide

Have you faced problems while using Instagram! Need help with Instagram Support, Right? No problem, keep eye on the whole article and see how to contact Instagram support in a proper way.

Here I have shown all the possible help directions from where you directly can get help from Instagram or report a problem without wasting time.

How to get in contact with Instagram support directly?

Actually, there is no direct way to contact Instagram via Telephone or Email. That’s why the users feel boring to contact Instagram in case of lacking the proper contacting channel.

Also there has no way to get the Instagram support live chat

Although their support mail is: it is no longer available to help you. 

If you ask how can I contact Instagram support by Email, In this case, I wanna let you know that, you may get this reply:


You’ve reached us at a channel that we no longer support. Please visit the Help Center to find answers to many frequently asked questions and up-to-date forms you can use to contact us:

We apologize for the inconvenience.


The Instagram Team”

Hope you can understand this.

Note: Check the whole article and find out the pointed issue like these: 

  • Hacked Accounts
  • Impersonation Accounts
  • Underage Children
  • Hate Accounts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Exposed Private Information
  • Self-Injury
  • Abuse & Spam
  • Exploitation
  • Other Types of Reports

At first, let’s have a look at the initial reporting system about any issue:

Contact Instagram Support: How to report a problem on Instagram

Desktop: If you want to contact Instagram using desktop then follow the steps

  • Login to Instagram or click here
  • Now click Privacy & Safety
  • After that click Report Something
  • Now select an Issue which you are facing a problem
  • Find out saying Report It, Report here, Fill out this form or something else like these and click on that
  • Then follow the screen instructions and submit your report.
How to Contact Instagram Support

Mobile: You can report from your Instagram mobile app. Just follow the steps

  • Go to your profile and tap the three-dot menu at the upper right corner
  • Tap on setting at the bottom
  • Now tap on Help
  • Here you will see Report a problem, Help center, Privacy and Security Help
  • Tap Report a Problem

Now follow the screen instructions

It’s the reporting system for any issue on Instagram.

How to Contact Instagram Support: A-Z

Let’s see some effective ways to Contact Instagram Support:

Account Problem

Also if there is already an Instagram account associated with your email or phone number but you don’t own that account

Access Problem

  • Data access: Report here, If you face problems like these
    • want to access your information
    • Downloading your information
    • want to request data on an account that is not your own
    • have an Instagram account but you can’t access your data
    • have an Instagram account but you can’t find the information you are looking for
    • don’t have an Instagram account and you want to access your data
  • Account access troubleshooting: If your account has been hacked, disabled, or can’t log in to your account or your account is deactivated, then follow this.

Photos & Videos Issue

  • Report a problem: Report a problem if someone violates your privacy through picture or video. 

Email Issue

  • Email address already in use: Fill up this form, If there’s an Instagram account associated with your email address and you don’t own that account.
    • In this case, you may face: Can’t sign up, Can’t add your email, etc.

Copyright & Trademark Issue

Data Problem

  • Data access: Report here, If you need data of your profile or something about data about yourself.

Children’s Issue

Death & Disability

Ads, Payment & Charge Problem

  • Business Help: Search here for any help about your business-related issue.

Abuse and Spam

  • Report Violations: You can use this form to report content (ex: photos, videos) on Instagram that violates community guidelines. 
  • Convicted sex offender: Fill out this form If you’ve encountered an account that may belong to a convicted sex offender.
  • Harassment or bullying: Let know Instagram by Filling this form to report photos, videos, comments, or profiles on Instagram that are bullying or harassing others.

Comment on the Official Instagram page: Contact Instagram Support

Also Instagram has some verified official pages from where they are posting updates and replying to comments.

You can follow these pages as you may get the latest updates and solutions to your problem. 

Also, you can ask a question & get help from the discussion of  Reddit Instagram 

Except these reporting guide, if you face problems like 

  • Login Problem
  • Name & Username issue
  • IGTV Issue
  • Mobile Issue
  • Desktops Issue
  • Feedback Issue
  • Privacy & Rights Issue

Then you can simply Report a problem as mentioned at the top portion.

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Final Thoughts: Contact Instagram Support

I’ve tried to attach all the possible contact Instagram support links. If you face a problem on a specific issue, then try to figure out your problem and get a solution.

How to Contact Instagram Support

Hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible through the contact Instagram support. But must be patient & wait for the reply from the Instagram support team. 

Which problem have you faced?

Kindly comment below. Here we’ll try to help you to solve your problem.

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