How to Disable Specific Key on Keyboard: Quick Guide

Perhaps your Laptop or Desktop keyboard is auto pressing! Even one or specific keys are not working on your keyboard, right? In this case, You can remap or disable the specific key of your computer easily by following the methods below. Let’s see how to disable a specific key on a laptop or desktop keyboard.

Requirements to Disable Specific Key

You have to download & Install KeyTweak software from google search. It’s free to use. This light software can be used to any Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

How to Disable Specific Key on Keyboard

After completing the installation process run the software with Run as Administration
A pop up may come with a warning sign, Just skip or Press ok on it
Now the main interface comes up
Here You will see the Keyboard layout and control keyboard spaces

keytweak software
KeyTweak Interface

Now you can disable any key from here.

Common Question: Can I recover the disabled key again? The answer is yes. You can restore the key again.

Okay, Let’s try to disable a key now, say you wanna disable your Delete key. So select the delete key [76]

disable delete key

After that click on Disable key option

disable laptop key

Then click on Apply

disable key

Now a pop-up will appear to Restart pc for changing the effect. Just restart pc and see.

restart pc

Now your delete key won’t work anymore

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How to Restore the Disabled Key

The process is the same, just select Run the KeyTweak software with Run as Administration. Then select the disabled key and click on Restore default

restore default

If you want to restore all the disabled keys at once then click on the restore all defaults option

restore all defaults keytweak

You can remap [Changing key position from one to another], disable a key, change keyboard layout by using this KeyTwaek software for free
If you face any problems kindly comment below

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