How to Use Pinterest for A Business

Ever used Pinterest? If yes then how did it help you? Maybe you haven’t got any from it, am I right? This is because you used it as social media. But in a real sense, it’s a lot more than that. Now, it’s time to open up the secret here. And that’s why we have come up with the topic ‘How to use Pinterest for a business?’

Maybe you are thinking that is Pinterest good for business. For that, I wanna say Pinterest gives some Unique features to run a business. We will be discussing all of them.

This article is gonna make you introduced to the following aspects: 

  • Why should you switch to Pinterest
  • How to use Pinterest for marketing your business
  • How to use Pinterest for real estate business

Let’s have a quick start.

Why should you switch to Pinterest?

In the early days of 2014, Pinterest holds the fastest growing network all over the world. Is this the only reason?  Not at all. Let’s have some quick highlights – 

Greater presence in the feed

It’s been recognized by all that a pin remains 1600 times longer than that of a FB post. 

Can you imagine that? Your pin will the one of the best popping up content after 3 or 4 months of posting. Where after 3 or 4 months a Facebook post becomes a dead one. 

One of the most popular and influencing social arena- 

Do you need this Pinterest is holding a fourth-place among all social media in the US? Not only that the renowned platforms like Twitter and Snapchat are lacking behind.

Also, a great advantage of this is 28% of the adults in the USA have an account on Pinterest.

It’s not the end 40% of the users in Pinterest are having an income of 100k+ dollars.  If you are thinking of it as a little one, then it will be foolishness. 

The increasing rate of Pinterest users- 

We have given a census above about the present situation, but the increasing rate was not there. That’s why I wanna take you that.

You will be astonished that the Pinterest increasing rate is 28% per month what takes it to a platform of 322 million users. Can you imagine? 

Pinterest for shopping –

‘Pinterest for a business’ why I am saying this will be a bit clear by this point. It’s a surprising fact that 84% of Pinterest users decide what to buy by seeing on Pinterest.

Not only that, 83% confirm their purchases depending upon what they watch in the pins. 

Now, what’s the word pins mean, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s why we will be now seeing the common terms with Pinterest. 

Pinterest for business- get in touch with common terms : 

For getting started with Pinterest for business,  you must have to get in touch with the features. Twitter has a tweets feature, Instagram has another and also Facebook has unique ones.

Like that Pinterest has some unique ones and that’s what we are going to see now: 


Pins are mainly like the post. For example, the Pinterest post is the same as your Facebook or Twitter one which may consist of audio, video, or pictures.


It’s quite a crystal clear I think. As you are a member of Facebook, you can also be a pinner at Pinterest. 


Boards are like the feature of the album on Facebook. You can add several pins and other things in the board section. 

There are several boards like – 

Group board: It’s quite similar to a group but in this only 5 members get attached in 98% of cases. 

Protected board: This one is for the advertisers of the pins. 

Secret board: only allowed for the owner and some others. 


There is a thing called google lens, maybe you are introduced to that. Like that there is a Pinterest lens by which you can search pins through images by scanning. 

Audience Analytics: 

There is an option called audience insights for Pinterest which gives the ability to make analytics of visitors. If we see, it’s the most important one thing. As you have to interact with your visitors and users. 

These are the common terms used for Pinterest. Hope it gave you a basic concept of the pinterest interface. Now, let’s jump into the first step of  ‘How to use Pinterest for a business that is how to create an account on Pinterest. 

How to use Pinterest for a business: A-Z

Creating an account on Pinterest: 

Your thinking to give ads on Fb for your org. But you don’t have any page. Will it work? That’s how if you don’t have a Pinterest account nothing gonna happen.

First of all, go to the link here- ‘

How to Use Pinterest for A Business

From there, enter your email and password for a business account. Your account is not going to work. So, if you have one please log out and then try newly. 

Now, after going to and submitting your mail, you will be on a page where they will want to know about why you are using Pinterest business. Fill up the things. 

At this time you will get a page like share your ideas and showcase your brand. You can click on any of them. The share ideas will take you to the posting platform.

And the showcase one will divert to the edit profile section. You can choose any. 

You can add your website here if you haven’t done this beforehand. Simply look at the left menu and click claim.

This will give you features like tracking your web and many more. Also in that claim section you Will get options like adding social accounts. 

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Creating your first pin – 

How to Use Pinterest for A Business

Now, it’s time to create a pin, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s the main thing we are gonna do here. In this case, you have remembered few things like adding hashtags, keywords, and some more.

You will need to give the following link here where the pin will take the visitor. For making a pin you will need to click on the profile icon and from there click the plus icon and then pin. Finished.

You will be taken to the below page. You can also create a board this way. 

Before going to the next step, one thing I want to clarify. That is, if you want to advertise your web on Pinterest then please add the Pinterest tag. 

That’s all for getting started with a business account on Pinterest. Now if you wanna go more we are with you. And now that’s what we are gonna share. 

How to use Pinterest for marketing your businesses?

 Now it’s time here to discuss with you some more about marketing you. Pinterest for marketing your business here gonna help us. We are sharing some of the tips:

1. Make attractive Pins:

Pins are the part and parcel of Pinterest. So, if you can deal with yourself, you are gonna be the master. For creating some better pins, you have to follow the below things: 

  • Attracting image: The main thing about the pins is images. So, it’s an important thing to deal with. 
  • Good description: Make a good descriptive copy by which the viewers will learn some more things. 
  • Post like storytelling: Post a pin-like you’re telling them a story. Yes, make an engaging description.  
  • Also, you have to aware of making your pins consistent. Don’t forget. 

2. Make a plan for future content-

In the winter season, the summer clothes will not be sold you know that. Like that everything will not be in the discussion. Everything has a season.

So, make posts as per season. Don’t make pins day by day rather do it according to correct tine when it has demanded.

3. Connect with others- 

Pinterest also has some advantages with the pinners of it. So, get in touch with more and more pinners.  It will give you more feedback. One of the best ways to do that is to make a board and get in touch. 

4. Target the right pinners for you- 

You have a business of books. Now, you shouldn’t to those who are passionate about cars, isn’t it? That’s why make target the right pinners with ads.

You can maintain the below things: 

  • A list of customers.
  • Visitor of website.
  • Have similar pins and contents 
  • Who is attached to your pins. 

5. Optimize the Pinterest SEO properly: 

As google Pinterest is a search engine being a social media. So, maintain the correct Marketing tips and SEO tricks to be attached with it. 

Final thought

Hope the things gonna help you in How to use Pinterest for a business and making you understood about is Pinterest good for business. Also, we have tried to make you understood about How to use Pinterest for marketing your business.

Actually, these are things you can do with this. For businesses, this Pinterest can be a greater and nice choice. Hope it will make you successful. 

Comment below if you have any questions!

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